The Manual

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Welcome to the Cookbook, the CakePHP documentation. The Cookbook is a wiki-like system allowing contributions from the public. With an open system, we hope to maintain a high level of quality, validity, and accuracy for the CakePHP documentation. The Cookbook also makes it easy for anybody to contribute.

A *huge* thank you to AD7six, who championed the Cookbook by putting in endless hours developing, testing and improving this application.

How You Can Help

If you notice an error, something that is incomplete, something that hasn’t been covered at all, or something that just isn’t worded to your liking, here’s how you can help:

  1. Click the edit link for the section you want to change.

  2. Log in to Cookbook if prompted using your Bakery account. Anyone can get a bakery account!

  3. Please review the guidelines for submitting to the Cookbook to ensure consistency.

  4. Submit additions/edits for review using valid, semantic HTML.

  5. Follow the progress of your submissions using the rss feeds or check back in the next day or so to see your changes approved.


Email John David Anderson (docs at cakephp dot org) or on IRC (#cakephp on freenode as _psychic_) to discuss any translation efforts you would like to participate in.

Translator tips:

  • Browse and edit in the language you want the content to be translated to - otherwise you won’t see what has already been translated.

  • Feel free to dive right in if your chosen language already exists on the book.

  • Use the to do list (top right) to see where attention is needed for your language.

  • Use Informal Form.

  • Translate both the content and the title at the same time.

  • Do compare to the English content before submitting a correction (if you correct something, but don’t integrate an ‘upstream’ change your submission won’t be accepted).

  • If you need to write an English term, wrap it in <em> tags. E.g. “asdf asdf Controller asdf” or “asdf asdf Kontroller (Controller) asfd” as appropriate.

  • Do not submit partial translations.

  • Do not edit a section with a pending change.

  • Do not use html entities for accented characters, the book uses UTF-8.

  • Do not significantly change the markup (HTML) or add new content - If the original content is missing some info, submit an edit for that first.

We’re committed to making the documentation for CakePHP better than it has ever been. We hope you’ll join us by using the Cookbook and giving back to a project that we’ve all benefited so much from.