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The Pages Controller

CakePHP ships with a default controller PagesController.php. This is a simple and optional controller for serving up static content. The home page you see after installation is generated using this controller. If you make the view file app/View/Pages/about_us.ctp you can access it using the url You are free to modify the Pages Controller to meet your needs.

When you “bake” an app using CakePHP’s console utility the Pages Controller is created in your app/Controller/ folder. You can also copy the file from lib/Cake/Console/Templates/skel/Controller/PagesController.php.

Changed in version 2.1: With CakePHP 2.0 the Pages Controller was part of lib/Cake. Since 2.1 the Pages Controller is no longer part of the core but ships in the app folder.


Do not directly modify ANY file under the lib/Cake folder to avoid issues when updating the core in future.