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Checking HTTP Cache

class CheckHttpCacheComponent(ComponentCollection $collection, array $config = [])

The HTTP cache validation model is one of the processes used for cache gateways, also known as reverse proxies, to determine if they can serve a stored copy of a response to the client. Under this model, you mostly save bandwidth, but when used correctly you can also save some CPU processing, reducing response times:

// in a Controller
public function initialize(): void


Enabling the CheckHttpCacheComponent in your controller automatically activates a beforeRender check. This check compares caching headers set in the response object to the caching headers sent in the request to determine whether the response was not modified since the last time the client asked for it. The following request headers are used:

  • If-None-Match is compared with the response’s Etag header.

  • If-Modified-Since is compared with the response’s Last-Modified header.

If response headers match the request header criteria, then view rendering is skipped. This saves your application generating a view, saving bandwidth and time. When response headers match, an empty response is returned with a 304 Not Modified status code.