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Bake Console

CakePHP’s bake console is another effort to get you up and running in CakePHP – fast. The bake console can create any of CakePHP’s basic ingredients: models, behaviors, views, helpers, controllers, components, test cases, fixtures and plugins. And we aren’t just talking skeleton classes: Bake can create a fully functional application in just a few minutes. In fact, Bake is a natural step to take once an application has been scaffolded.


Before trying to use or extend bake, make sure it is installed in your application. Bake is provided as a plugin that you can install with Composer:

composer require --dev cakephp/bake:~1.0

The above will install bake as a development dependency. This means that it will not be installed when you do production deployments.

When using the Twig templates make sure you are loading the WyriHaximus/TwigView plugin with its bootstrap. You can also omit it completely which then makes Bake plugin load this plugin on demand.