This manual is written for people who want to build web applications faster and more enjoyably. CakePHP aims to assist PHP users of all levels to create robust, maintainable applications quickly and easily.

This manual expects a basic knowledge of PHP and HTML. A familiarity with the Model-View-Controller programming pattern is helpful, but we will cover that along the way for those new to MVC. While this work will attempt to aid the reader in configuring and troubleshooting their web server, a full coverage of such issues is outside the scope of this manual.

Rudimentary knowledge in first aid (CPR), basic survival skills, dating & relationships is also generally recommended, though also outside the scope of this document.

CakePHP is Free

CakePHP is free. You don’t have to pay for it, you can use it any way you want. CakePHP is developed under the MIT License. CakePHP is an Open Source project, this means you have full access to the source code. The best place to get the most recent version is at the CakePHP web site ( You can also browse the latest and greatest code there.


CakePHP is developed by a hard working community of people. They come from different countries all over the world and joined together to create the CakePHP framework for the benefit of the widest audience possible. For more information about Cake’s active developer and user communities, visit

Our IRC channel is always filled with knowledgable, friendly Bakers. If you’re stuck on a bit of code, need a listening ear, or want to start an argument about coding conventions, drop on by: we’d love to hear from you. Visit us at #cakephp on