The String class includes convenience methods for creating and manipulating strings and is normally accessed statically. Example: String::uuid().


The uuid method is used to generate unique identifiers as per RFC 4122. The uuid is a 128bit string in the format of 485fc381-e790-47a3-9794-1337c0a8fe68.

String::uuid(); // 485fc381-e790-47a3-9794-1337c0a8fe68


string tokenize ($data, $separator = ',', $leftBound = '(', $rightBound = ')')

Tokenizes a string using $separator, ignoring any instance of $separator that appears between $leftBound and $rightBound.


string insert ($string, $data, $options = array())

The insert method is used to create string templates and to allow for key/value replacements.

String::insert('My name is :name and I am :age years old.', array('name' => 'Bob', 'age' => '65'));
// generates: "My name is Bob and I am 65 years old."


string cleanInsert ($string, $options = array())

Cleans up a Set::insert formatted string with given $options depending on the ‘clean’ key in $options. The default method used is text but html is also available. The goal of this function is to replace all whitespace and unneeded markup around placeholders that did not get replaced by Set::insert.

You can use the following options in the options array:

$options = array(
    'clean' => array(
        'method' => 'text', // or html

    'before' => '',
    'after' => ''