3.9 Migration Guide

CakePHP 3.9 is an API compatible upgrade from 3.8. This page outlines the changes and improvements made.

To upgrade to 3.9.x run the following composer command:

php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:3.9.*"


  • ConsoleIo::info(), success(), warning() and error() will no longer accept null values in the message parameter in 4.0.
  • Using a comma separated string for $fixtures in test cases is deprecated. Instead use an array, or implement the new getFixtures() method on your test case classes.
  • Validator::errors() was renamed to Validator::validate().

New Features


  • MemcachedEngine::write() and add() no longer cap duration to 30 days. Instead all expiration values are forwarded to memcache.


  • ConsoleIo::abort() was added.


  • Driver::newTableSchema() was added. This hook method lets you customize which the class used for schema metadata.


  • Cake\Datasource\SimplePaginator was added. This class makes paginating very large results more efficient. It skips running the potentially expensive count() query. If you only use ‘next’ and ‘previous’ navigation in your pagination controls this class can be a good solution.


  • Cake\Http\Client\Response::isSuccess() was backported from 4.0
  • Cake\Http\Middleware\CspMiddleware was backported from 4.0


  • Number::CURRENCY_ACCOUNTING was added.
  • Number::getDefaultCurrencyFormat() and Number::setDefaultCurrencyFormat() were added. These methods let you define the formatting style for currency values.


  • Table::saveManyOrFail() method has been added that will throw PersistenceFailedException with the specific entity that failed in case of an error. The entities are saved within a transaction.
  • Table::deleteMany() and Table::deleteManyOrFail() methods have been added for removing many entities at once including callbacks. The entities are removed within a transaction.
  • TableLocator::clear() now resets the internal options array.


  • TestCase::getFixtures() was added. This method lets you generate your fixture list using application specific logic if necessary.


  • Hash::combine() now accepts null for the $keyPath parameter. Providing null will result in a numerically indexed output array.
  • Hash::sort() now accepts the SORT_ASC and SORT_DESC constants in the direction parameter.
  • Text::uuid now uses random_int() with PHP 5.6 insted of mt_rand(). This adds a dependency on paragonie/random_compat which implements it for PHP 5.6.


  • The ‘empty’ field detection in Validator now considers UploadedFileInterface objects that have UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE as their error code to be empty.


  • FormHelper had the selectedClass template variable added. This template key controls the class name used when a radio or checkbox is selected.