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class Cake\View\Helper\SessionHelper(View $view, array $config = [])

Deprecated since version 3.0.0: The SessionHelper is deprecated in 3.x. Instead you should use either the FlashHelper or access the session via the request.

As a natural counterpart to the Session object, the Session Helper replicates most of the object’s functionality and makes it available in your view.

The major difference between the SessionHelper and the Session object is that the helper does not have the ability to write to the session.

As with the session object, data is read by using dot notation array structures:

['User' => [
    'username' => '[email protected]'

Given the previous array structure, the node would be accessed by User.username, with the dot indicating the nested array. This notation is used for all SessionHelper methods wherever a $key is used.

Cake\View\Helper\SessionHelper::read(string $key)
Return type


Read from the Session. Returns a string or array depending on the contents of the session.

Cake\View\Helper\SessionHelper::check(string $key)
Return type


Check to see whether a key is in the Session. Returns a boolean representing the key’s existence.