4.4 Migration Guide

CakePHP 4.4 is an API compatible upgrade from 4.0. This page outlines the deprecations and features added in 4.4.

Upgrading to 4.3.0

You can can use composer to upgrade to CakePHP 4.4.0:

php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:^[email protected]"


CakePHP 4.4 requires PHP 7.4 or greater.


4.4 introduces a few deprecations. All of these features will continue for the duration of 4.x but will be removed in 5.0. You can use the upgrade tool to automate updating usage of deprecated features:

bin/cake upgrade rector --rules cakephp44 <path/to/app/src>


This only updates CakePHP 4.4 changes. Make sure you apply CakePHP 4.3 changes first.

A new configuration option has been added to disable deprecations on a path by path basis. See Deprecation Warnings for more information.

Behavior Changes

While the following changes do not change the signature of any methods they do change the semantics or behavior of methods.

  • Router::parseRequest() now raises BadRequestException instead of InvalidArgumentException when an invalid HTTP method is used by a client.

Breaking Changes

Behind the API, some breaking changes are necessary moving forward. They usually only affect tests.


  • Increased minimum requirement to PHP 7.4.

New Features


  • bin/cake routes now highlights collisions in route templates.


  • Controller::viewClasses() was added. This method should be implemented by controllers that need to perform content-type negotiation. View classes will need to implement the static method contentType() to participate in content-type negotiation.


  • The SQLite driver now supports shared in memory databases in PHP8.1+.

  • Query::expr() was added as an alternative to Query::newExpr().

  • The QueryExpression::case() builder now supports inferring the type from expressions passed to then() and else() that implement \Cake\Database\TypedResultInterface.


  • BaseApplication::handle() now adds the $request into the service container all the time.

  • HttpsEnforcerMiddleware now has an hsts option that allows you to configure the Strict-Transport-Security header.


  • Mailer now accepts a autoLayout config which disabled auto layout in the ViewBuilder if set to false.