PHPUnit 10 Upgrade

With CakePHP 5 the minimum PHPUnit version has changed from ^8.5 || ^9.3 to ^10.1. This introduces a few breaking changes from PHPUnit as well as from CakePHP’s side.

phpunit.xml adjustments

It is recommended to let PHPUnit update its configuration file via the following command:

vendor/bin/phpunit --migrate-configuration


Make sure you are already on PHPUnit 10 via vendor/bin/phpunit --version before executing this command!

With this command out of the way your phpunit.xml already has most of the recommended changes present.

New event system

PHPUnit 10 removed the old hook system and introduced a new Event system which requires the following code in your phpunit.xml to be adjusted from:

  <extension class="Cake\TestSuite\Fixture\PHPUnitExtension"/>


  <bootstrap class="Cake\TestSuite\Fixture\Extension\PHPUnitExtension"/>

->withConsecutive() has been removed

You can convert the removed ->withConsecutive() method to a working interim solution like you can see here:

->withConsecutive(['firstCallArg'], ['secondCallArg'])

should be converted to:

    ...self::withConsecutive(['firstCallArg'], ['secondCallArg'])

the static self::withConsecutive() method has been added via the Cake\TestSuite\PHPUnitConsecutiveTrait to the base Cake\TestSuite\TestCase class so you don’t have to manually add that trait to your Testcase classes.

data providers have to be static

If your testcases leverage the data provider feature of PHPUnit then you have to adjust your data providers to be static:

public function myProvider(): array

should be converted to:

public static function myProvider(): array