Plugin Class

class Cake\Core\Plugin

The Plugin class is responsible for resource location and path management of plugins.

Locating Plugins

static Cake\Core\Plugin::path(string $plugin)

Plugins can be located with Plugin. Using Plugin::path('DebugKit'); for example, will give you the full path to the DebugKit plugin:

$path = Plugin::path('DebugKit');

Check if a Plugin is Loaded

You can check dynamically inside your code if a specific plugin has been loaded:

$isLoaded = Plugin::isLoaded('DebugKit');

Use Plugin::loaded() if you want to get a list of all currently loaded plugins.

Finding Paths to Namespaces

static Cake\Core\Plugin::classPath(string $plugin)

Used to get the location of the plugin's class files:

$path = App::classPath('DebugKit');

Finding Paths to Resources

static Cake\Core\Plugin::templatePath(string $plugin)

The method returns the path to the plugins' templates:

$path = Plugin::templatePath('DebugKit');

The same goes for the config path:

$path = Plugin::configPath('DebugKit');