3.10 Migration Guide

CakePHP 3.10 is an API compatible upgrade from 3.8. This page outlines the changes and improvements made.

To upgrade to 3.10.x run the following composer command:

php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:3.10.*"


No features were deprecated in 3.10

Behavior Changes

While the following changes do not change the signature of any methods they do change the semantics or behavior of methods.


  • Validation::time() will now reject a string if minutes are missing. Previously, this would accept hours-only digits although the api documentation showed minutes were required.

New Features

  • Improved API documentation.

  • Backported improvements to Validation::time() from 4.x.

  • EmailTrait::assertMailSentFrom() now accepts an array with an address & alias.