3.8 Migration Guide

CakePHP 3.8 is an API compatible upgrade from 3.7. This page outlines the changes and improvements made in 3.8.

To upgrade to 3.8.x run the following composer command:

php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:3.8.*"


  • Validator::allowEmptyString(), allowEmptyArray(), allowEmptyFile(), allowEmptyDate(), allowEmptyTime(), and allowEmptyDateTime() now emit a deprecation warning when using the $field, $when, $message signature. Instead you should use $field, $message, $when.

  • EntityTrait::visibleProperties() is now deprecated. Use getVisible() instead.

Behavior Changes

  • Cake\ORM\Table::findOrCreate() now throws a PersistenceFailedException if the find fails and the entity created from $search contains invalid data. Previously an invalid entity would be saved.

  • Command classes that have their $modelClass property set will now autoload that model. The manual loadModel() call with empty argument is not necessary anymore. This makes it consistent to how Shell classes worked.

  • The default format for Cake\I18n\Time, FrozenTime, Date, and FrozenDate is now yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH':'mm':'ssxxx which solves localization issues in danish and other european locales.

New Features


  • CollectionTrait now uses the newCollection method to create clones. This allows sub-classes to have collection methods create instances of themselves instead of using Collection.


  • Command::executeCommand() was added. This method makes it simple to call another command from the current one.


  • Cake\Datasource\ModelAwareTrait::get() can now locate model classes by fully-qualified class names, enabling you to use ArticlesTable::class as a parameter to get().


  • Email::setHeaders() and Email::addHeaders() now allow setting multiple headers of the same name. For that the value for the particular header key in the array argument passed to above functions must be an array. e.g. $email->addHeaders(['og:tag' => ['foo', 'bar']]);


  • Response::withCookieCollection() was added.


  • Cake\ORM\Locator\TableLocator can now locate table classes in alternative locations. You can either provide a list of namespaces to the constructor, or use the addLocation() method.


  • Validator::notEmptyString(), notEmptyArray(), notEmptyFile(), notEmptyDate(), notEmptyTime(), and notEmptyDateTime() were added. They act as compliments to the allowEmpty* methods added in 3.7.

  • Validation::mimeType() now compares checks mime-types in a case insensitive manner.

  • Validation::dateTime() now supports the iso8601 format.


  • Radio buttons can now customize the generated label by using the label key inside a complex option definition. This key will be used instead of the label key defined at the top level options.