3.6 Migration Guide

CakePHP 3.6 is an API compatible upgrade from 3.5. This page outlines the changes and improvements made in 3.6.

To upgrade to 3.6.x run the following composer command:

php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:3.6.*"


The following is a list of deprecated methods, properties and behaviors. These features will continue to function until 4.0.0 after which they will be removed.

  • bin/cake orm_cache is now bin/cake schema_cache.

  • Cake\Cache\Engine\ApcEngine has been renamed to Cake\Cache\Engine\ApcuEngine to better reflect the extension name.

  • Cake\ORM\Table::association() is deprecated. Use getAssociation() instead.

  • The Xcache cache engine has been deprecated. The Xcache extension is no longer actively maintained. If you are using xcache, consider adopting APCu, Memcached, or Redis instead.

  • Passing a list of arrays to Router::setRequestInfo() is now deprecated. Pass an instance of ServerRequest instead.

  • Cake\Controller\Controller:$name is protected now. Use Controller::getName()/setName() to access a controller’s name in other contexts.

  • Cake\Controller\Controller:$plugin is protected now. Use Controller::getPlugin()/setPlugin() to access a controller’s plugin in other contexts.

  • Cake\Controller\Controller:$autoRender is protected now. Use enableAutoRender()/disableAutoRender()/isAutoRenderEnabled() instead.

  • The setter mode of ValidationSet::isPresenceRequired() and ValidationSet::isEmptyAllowed() are deprecated. Use requirePresence() and allowEmpty() instead.

  • Cake\Form\Form::validator() is deprecated. Use getValidator() and setValidator() instead.

  • Cake\ORM\TableRegistry static API has been deprecated. Use a table locator directly instead. A global Cake\ORM\Locator\TableLocator instance can be accessed via Cake\ORM\TableRegistry::getTableLocator() or using a Cake\ORM\Locator\LocatorAwareTrait.

  • Cake\View\Helper\FormHelper::widgetRegistry() is deprecated. Use getWidgetLocator() and setWidgetLocator() instead.

  • Cake\ORM\Behavior\TranslateBehavior::locale() is deprecated. Use getLocale() and setLocale() instead.

  • The getter part of Cake\Datasource\QueryTrait::formatResults() is deprecated. Use getResultFormatters() instead.

  • The getter part of Cake\Datasource\QueryTrait::mapReduce() is deprecated. Use getMapReducers() instead.

  • The getter part of Cake\ORM\Query::contain() is deprecated. Use getContain() instead.

  • The getter part of Cake\Datasource\QueryInterface::repository() is deprecated. Use getRepository() instead.

  • The getter part of Cake\Database\Type::map() is deprecated. Use getMap() instead.

  • Cake\Database\Type::map() to set complete types map is deprecated. Use setMap() instead.

  • Passing $className as object to Cake\Database\Type::map() is deprecated. Use set() instead.

  • Cake\Routing\Dispatcher is deprecated. You should upgrade to new HTTP stack.

Several classes were renamed. Their old names will continue to work until 4.0, but will emit deprecation warnings:

  • Cake\Network\Exception\BadRequestException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\BadRequestException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\ConflictException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\ConflictException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\ForbiddenException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\ForbiddenException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\GoneException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\GoneException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\HttpException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\HttpException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\InternalErrorException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\InternalErrorException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\InvalidCsrfTokenException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\InvalidCsrfTokenException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\MethodNotAllowedException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\MethodNotAllowedException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\NotAcceptableException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\NotAcceptableException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\NotFoundException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\NotFoundException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\NotImplementedException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\NotImplementedException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\ServiceUnavailableException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\ServiceUnavailableException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\UnauthorizedException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\UnauthorizedException.

  • Cake\Network\Exception\UnavailableForLegalReasonsException has been renamed to Cake\Http\Exception\UnavailableForLegalReasonsException.

  • Cake\Network\Session has been renamed to Cake\Http\Session.

  • Cake\Network\Session\DatabaseSession has been renamed to Cake\Http\Session\DatabaseSession.

  • Cake\Network\Session\CacheSession has been renamed to Cake\Http\Session\CacheSession.

  • Cake\Network\CorsBuilder has been renamed to Cake\Http\CorsBuilder.

  • Cake\View\Widget\WidgetRegistry has been renamed to Cake\View\Widget\WidgetLocator.

Disabling Deprecation Warnings

Deprecation warnings are intended to help you prepare for future versions of CakePHP, but updating your code will likely be an incremental process. You can disable deprecation warnings while you work towards adopting the new methods. In your config/app.php you can set Error.errorLevel:

// in config/app.php
'Error' => [
    'errorLevel' => E_ALL ^ E_USER_DEPRECATED

Once you have no remaining deprecation warnings you can set your error level to E_ALL to help prevent future use of deprecated methods.

Behavior Changes

The following changes are API compatible, but they represent minor variances in behavior that may affect your application:

  • Cake\Utility\Security::randomBytes() will now throw exceptions when a secure source of entropy cannot be found in PHP5.

  • Tokens generated by SecurityComponent now include the user’s session id, to prevent token reuse between users/sessions. This changes the value of security tokens and will cause forms created in earlier versions of CakePHP to fail validation in 3.6.

  • Cake\Database\Query::page() now raises exceptions when page values are < 1.

  • Pagination now allows sorting on multiple fields across all pages. Previously only the first page could be sorted by more than one column. Furthermore, sort conditions defined in the query string are prepended to the default order parameters now instead of fully replacing the default ordering.

  • Shell classes will now throw exceptions when task classes cannot be found. Previously invalid tasks would be silently ignored.

  • CakePHP internals now chain exceptions where possible, allowing root causes of errors to be exposed.

  • MySQL connections now default to utf8mb4 (4 byte unicode) as their encoding. If you want to continue using the old default of utf8, set your application’s datasource’ encoding in config/app.php to ‘utf8’.

  • APCu and Wincache engines no longer set separate _expires keys for data with a TTL. Instead they rely on the native TTL features of the cache engine. By default all entries created with APCu for a single request/CLI script will have the same expiration time. You can use apc.use_request_time to change this behavior.

  • Router::parseNamedParams() no longer mutates the request object in-place. Instead you will need to use the return value of this method to access the modified request.

  • Hash::extract() no longer matches integer 0 when using attribute matchers for string values.

  • The console environment no longer automatically loads plugins specified by the --plugin option. Instead you must ensure that your application bootstrapping loads all the required plugins.

  • Cake\Http\CorsBuilder::build() no longer mutates the response in place. You must now use the updated response that build() returns.


  • Fallback engines can be disabled by setting fallback = false for any cache configuration.


  • The appendItem(), prepend(), prependItems() methods were added to CollectionTrait.


  • consumeOrFail() has been added to complete the API for reading with the expectation of data being present.


A new way to build CLI tools has been added. Shells & Tasks have several shortcomings that are hard to correct without breaking compatibility. Cake\Console\Command will replace Shell long term as the recommended way to build console applications. See the Console Commands section for more information.

  • ConsoleOptionParse::enableSubcommandSort() was added. This method allows you to disable the automatic sorting of subcommands in generated help text.


  • Plugins can now define Plugin Objects. These classes are optional and allow a plugin to add middleware and console commands to the host application. They are a class based way to configure and define a plugin.

  • getTypeName() was added to assist in getting correct class/type name when building more descriptive error messages.


  • Query::identifier() was added. This method makes it easier to create identifier expressions for use in complex queries.

  • Database connections will automatically be re-established when connections timeout during long running scripts.

  • Cake\Database\Type\BatchCastingInterface was added. This interface allows type classes to optimize casting operations by operating on all columns in bulk. This interface can be used in custom types now, and will be used in core types in 4.x.

  • Cake\Database\Type\DateTimeType::setTimezone() was added. This method lets you set the timezone that datetime objects should be converted to before inserting into the database. It does not change datetime data being read from the database.

  • Cake\Database\Statement\StatementDecorator::fetchAssoc() was added.

  • Cake\Database\Statement\BufferedStatement::fetchAssoc() was added.

  • Cake\Database\Statement\StatementDecorator::FETCH_TYPE_NUM was added.

  • Cake\Database\Statement\StatementDecorator::FETCH_TYPE_ASSOC was added.

  • Cake\Database\Statement\StatementDecorator::FETCH_TYPE_OBJ was added.


  • A new abstract type was added for binaryuuid. In MySQL and SQLite, BINARY(16) will be used as the column type. While in SQLServer, and Postgres will use their native UUID types.


  • Cake\Event\EventInterface was added to give allow better typehinting in the future.


  • Form classes now support the _validatorClass property which works the same as it does on ORM\Table.


  • Response::withAddedLink() was added to make creating Link headers simpler.

  • BodyParserMiddleware was added.


  • The two leftover FormHelper i18n translation strings 'Edit %s' and 'New %s' are now 'Edit {0}' and 'New {0}'. If you are using translating messages from CakePHP, please make sure you adjust those translations in your PO file.


  • The various email address setter methods on Email now accept [] allowing individual properties to be reset.


  • EntityTrait::isEmpty() and EntityTrait::hasValue() were added.

  • Table::getAssociation() can now read deeply nested associations using . separated paths. e.g Users.Comments. This method will raise exceptions when getting an unknown association now.

  • Table::addBehaviors() was added making it simpler to add multiple behaviors at once.

  • Table::getBehavior() was added.

  • CounterCacheBehavior callback functions can now return false to skip updating the counter value.

  • TimestampBehavior now uses the correct mutable/immutable class type when creating time objects instead of always using a mutable time instance.

  • Query::selectAllExcept() was added.

  • Query::whereInList()/Query::whereNotInList() have been added as standalone wrappers around IN/NOT IN conditions.


  • Cake\Routing\Route\EntityRoute was added. This route class makes building routes that need data from entities easier. See the Entity Routing section for more information.

  • Routing variables can now use {var} style placeholders. This style allows mid-word variables to be defined. You cannot combine {var} placeholders with :var style placeholders.

  • Router::routeExists() was added. This method lets you check if a route array can be resolved into a valid route.

  • Route connection can now use compact ‘string targets’ e.g Bookmarks::index. See Connecting Routes for more information.

  • RoutingMiddleware can now cache the route collection created by your routes. Caching routes greatly improves application startup times. It now also requires to be instantiated and the current object ($this) passed for plugin routing.


  • The cake assets copy command now features an --overwrite option for overwriting plugin assets if they already exist in the application webroot.


  • Security::randomString() was added.


  • Validation::compareFields() was added as a more flexible version of Validation::compareWith().

  • Validator::notSameAs() was added to make it easier to check if a field is not the same as another field.

  • New field comparison methods were added. equalToField(), notEqualToField(), greaterThanField(), greaterThanOrEqualToField(), lessThanField(), lessThanOrEqualToField() were added.

  • Validator rules will now use the rule alias as the rule method when the rule key is not defined.

  • Validator::addNested() and addNestedMany() now support the when and message parameters like other validator methods.


  • UrlHelper::script(), css(), and image() methods now support a timestamp option which allows you to set the Asset.timestamp setting for a single method call.

  • Cell classes now have an initialize() hook method.

  • PaginatorHelper will now reset the page to 1 each time sort directions are changed.